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"I have lived in Minnesota my whole life. I have lived out west in Windom Minnesota, I grew up 3 blocks away from the Mississippi River in Lake City MN, I graduated from RCTC in Rochester, MN, I graduated from Winona State University, I've lived in the Cities, I've lived in the Iron Range in Grand Rapids, MN, now I own a restaurant in Austin, MN. I know Minnesota, I know it's residents, I know what we are citizens desire and I'm standing up for what we, the under-represented third party voters believe."



- I graduated from Lake City Lincoln High School in 2007, then I received a two year university studies degree from Rochester Community and Technical College, and Finally I earned a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a Social Studies Emphasis from Winona State University. 

My business partner Brian Miller and I were on pace to open Prime Stein Brewery in Rochester in June of 2020. That plan was derailed by Governor Walz and he created his first of several overly aggressive executive orders stating that no one could leave their home unless they were going to work. As a result, our Brewery plans are still on hold, but we have resiliently re-opened the well known Lansing Corners Supper Club and have turned it into Lansing Corners Bar and Grill. Just as we have taken a historically great building that was no longer admired, I am attempting to also put Minnesota back on track. 


The overwhelming truth in healthcare that is being blatantly ignored is that there is a connection between mental health and all other health. Citing research by world known Gabor Mate, there is a correlation between stress and illness. That being said, control creates stress, when people are stressed their eating habits, sleeping habits, drinking habits etc change to affect health in a negative way. I truly believe that prioritizing mental health starts with giving control back to our citizens. I also do not believe in free healthcare as I think if it was free it should be abused, but I think that it should be more affordable for people to talk to mental health specialists and I think people should be able to express their feelings without the threat of being placed in mental health units in hospitals. 


I am pro choice because similar to my stance on everything else I think we should have the right to control our own bodies. 

Change Minnesota to a "Castle Doctrine State"
Minnesota is currently a duty to retreat state meaning that even if someone comes into your home you are supposed to retreat or run away and violence would be a last resort. If elected, I plan to change Minnesota to a Castle Doctrine state, which means that we as Minnesota citizens would have the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our possessions against uninvited intruders by using violence up to and including deadly force while on your own property. 

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